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 Guild Regulations

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PostSubject: Guild Regulations   February 10th 2009, 7:18 pm

Any member of Vile not active for 25 consecutive days will be booted of the guild.*

Any Official [e.g. BranchHead, Elder, CP] not active for 30 consecutive days will be demoted from there position. If your position has been filled, we apologize but no turning back unless you re-qualify

All members are encouraged to donate to the Guild any Materials in excess they have on their inventory. This will help promote in guild alchemy

There will be respect among the members of Vile. *

Any ideas/suggestions/events any member of Vile has will be presented on the Suggestions forum, and will be subjected to a vote and the approval of this guilds officials.

-This thread may be subjected to further edits or additions-

* - Banable acts


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Guild Regulations
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